Become a Member

There are three ways to become a member of Webb Baptist Church:

1. A person may unite by "profession of faith" in Jesus Christ and become a candidate for baptism. This means that he or she has trusted Jesus as Lord and Savior, is now declaring himself or herself openly as a believer and is asking for membership in the church.

2. A person may unite "by letter." This means that he or she is already a member of another Baptist church of like faith and order. When one requests membership this way, WBC writes the church where he or she is a member and requests a letter of recommendation.

3. A person may unite by "statement". This means that he or she was once a Baptist but now is not a part of another Baptist church fellowship.

If you desire to join God’s church family here at WBC, you may request a meeting with the pastor or you may come forward at the end of a Sunday service during the time of surrender and express your desire to the pastor at that time.