Ministries and Leadership

Our staff and leaders are devoted to sharing the truth of God's Word and showing His love for all people as they minister in their various roles.


Senior Interim Pastor  

Steve Dominy   roundedfacebook

Dr. Dominy received his Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and his Doctor of Ministry from George W. Truett Theological Seminary.

He pastored churches in Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas for a combined 22 years, including 13 years at First Baptist Church of Gatesville. He most recently served as Senior Pastor at University Baptist Church in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Dominy has also served as Chaplain of Oklahoma Baptist University's track and field team, President of the Board for Family Promises and on the Texas Baptists Executive Board, among countless other ministries.     *  October 2017

Music Ministry

Gary Gerber

Worship Team/Choir

Music is a blessing and a tool given to us by God to lift up His awesome name in praise! A small praise team leads the congregation in worship every Sunday morning singing a combination of hymns and contemporary praise music.

Preceding the Easter (we like to call it Resurrection Sunday) and Christmas seasons, the adult choir meets and workson a musi cal that, when completed, will be presented as our personal testimony to our congregation and visitors. Our rehearsals are more than just working on music. Often times we spend time lifting up one another in prayer as requests are made known near the end of practice.

Sometimes we have the opportunity to present the musical message at a local retirement center where we have seen one or two folks invite Jesus into their hearts in the past. The choir consists of talented children, teens and adults. At times we have had choir members ranging in age from 12 to 90 all singing together! Music and worship span all generations.

What a blessing it is to fellowship, pray and join our voices together as we lift up praise to the Lord of lords and the King of kings! After all that's what it's all about.

Youth Ministry   

Craig Crowe   roundedfacebook

Bible Study/Activities   

Our youth are a very important part of Webb Baptist Church. From time to time one or more of them serve on the worship team and the signing team. They meet upstairs in a large double room and are taught and ministered to by our youth pastor every Sunday morning beginning at 9:30. They also meet on Sunday nights at 6:00 and Wednesday nights at 6:30 enjoying life lessons and Christian fellowship.

In addition to time spent at the church facility and other exciting activities throughout the year, the youth have been going to camp twice a year. They come back sharing exciting stories of what God accomplished in their lives during their time away. In recent years the youth have been going to an amazing camp in Cedar Hill called Mt. Lebanon. Every year our kids return with many having made life-changing decisions for Christ.

Jessica Moore

Kid's Ministry

Here at Webb we see the importance of walking along with the family as a whole not just focusing on one age group. We want to help equip parents to follow Deuteronomy 6:4-7, to teach their children scripture each and every day. We also see the importance of having a safe environment for our kids to learn and have fun.

We promote age-appropriate teaching and activities to help our children learn more about God, Jesus and their personal walk with Him.

Weekly Activities:


Sunday Mornings

Infants (6 weeks) through 3’s meet for Bible Study at 9:30 am. We use Bible Studies for Life by Lifeway.

Wednesday Evenings

Our infants through 3’s meet for Bible Buddies at 6:00 pm. They will explore the bible through bible lesson, video, coloring sheet and/or craft.

Pre-k-6 Grade

Sunday Mornings

Our Pre-k-6 grade children meet for Bible Study at 9:30 am in their classrooms and use Bible Studies for Life by Lifeway. The children will learn the Bible lesson through games, videos, acting out the lesson and exploring the Bible.

Wednesday Evenings

Our Pre-k-6 grade children meet for KWAM!! (Kids With a Mission) at 6:00am. Through KWAM!! We encourage kids to spend time in God’s Word daily, memorize scripture and pray for those in our church and around the globe. During KWAM!! Kids will participate n worship, bible study, missions and game time.

Kim Ford

Women's Ministry

Bible Study

The women have a vibrant Sunday school class where we not only enjoy Bible study including discussion within the group where we learn from each other’s experience; we also have a loving fellowship where we support each other in prayer throughout the week.  We meet every Sunday morning at 9:30 in the Fellowship Hall.    God is love and we know He is with us each time we gather because there is so much love in our group.

Women of Webb

The Women of Webb (we call ourselves WOW) have several fellowships throughout the year. Sometimes we have luncheons at the church and sometimes we will meet at a restaurant or attend a women’s ministry event at other venues. We laugh, we cry, we share our lives and as with the men’s fellowship we know what is shared when we are together is confidential and will not be shared with anyone else. Check the Webb calendar regularly for the next event. 

Ornament Exchange

Every November to kick-off the holiday season, the Women of Webb (WOW) host a Ladies Holiday Party and Ornament Exchange. Like the Spring luncheon it is potluck and includes a small program; however, the main event is the ornament exchange.  The  attendees  are asked to bring a wrapped ornament with a value of no more than $10.00, these are placed on a table 'under the tree.'  We draw numbers to take turns choosing  a  package  from  the table,  or  snatching  one that  has  already  been unwrapped by a previous  participant. It is a fun time of sharing, laughing and just spending time with other women.

As with the Festival of Tables, this  event is always  open  to  all women, friends,  family  and community members that want to learn  more  about  our  women's  group.  We  have  attendees  of  all  ages.   It is a wonderful time of fellowship and where we can relax, refresh and renew our spirits with other women.

Festival of Tables

The Women of Webb (WOW) hold an annual Ladies Spring luncheon (potluck) at the church called the Festival of Tables.  We decorate the Fellowship Hall and tables with the theme for the year.  This year the theme was "Seeds of Kindness" and we decorated with a garden theme that included centerpieces with fresh flowers.  The theme verse was Ephesians 4:32, "And be ye kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you."  There is a program to go along with the theme.  The program is sometimes brought to us by a guest speaker, and sometimes by the women's teacher and often includes music of some sort. 

As with the Ornament Exchange, this event is always open to all women, friends, family and community members that want to learn more about our women's group. We have attendees of all ages. It is a wonderful time of fellowship and where we can relax, refresh and renew our spirits with other women.

Men’s Ministry

James Moore

Bible Study

The men have a great time fellowshipping and studying the bible together every Sunday morning at 9:30. We reserve a time to share our prayer needs and praises. There are wonderful lessons discussed every week that can be applied the following week. We are amazed how often our studies reflect what is currently going on in our lives at the time. It's a God thing!

Annual Fish Fry

Every year in early October a group of men from WBC and their guests travel together to Glen Rose to join with hundreds of other Baptist men to enjoy the three great "F's".....that is "Fish, Fellowship and Fun"!. The rustic park-like setting at the Glen Rose Baptist Encampment is an awe-inspiring back drop as we enjoy the great outdoors and fellowship. Then after our meal, we listen to an inspiring message from a guest speaker. The trip coming to and from Glen Rose in the van is as much fun as the event itself! It is just a great time to get together with other Christian men to be spiritually refreshed in the cool of the year.

Monthly Prayer Breakfast

Our men enjoy getting together usually once a month on the second Saturday and have a great breakfast, fellowship and time of sharing their hearts. It wonderful to be able to pray with fellow Christian brothers over the things going on in our  lives. What is shared during our time stays there and is not shared with anyone else. Life is hard....we all need support!  We would love for you to come join us and to leave feeling refreshed with a lighter load.  Just check the calendar under the "Coming Up" menu item at the top of the page from time to time for the dates.

Sign Language

Cheryl Gerber

We are blessed to have a ministry to the hearing impaired. We have a passion for teaching sign language to children, teens and adults. The sign team is available to sign signs the worship songs and sermons on Sundays when there are known hearing impaired person’s in our midst.. It is a joy to get a glimpse of their worship as we sing to the Lord. They truly enjoy their ministry and the worship of the Lord through signing.  If you are interested in learning more about the signing ministry, come join us near the front pews on the left side of the sanctuary at 10:30 Sunday morning.

Korean Church

Pastor Daniel Lee

열방침례교회 (All Nations Baptist Church of DFW)

Korean pastor: Daniel Lee

Telephone: 817-323-4364

Home Page:

Worship: 2:00 PM (Sunday)

Bible Study: 12:30 PM (Thursday)

Prayer Meeting: 7:00 AM (Saturday)

담임목사: 이대열

전화번호: 817-323-4364


주일예배: 오후 2시 (일요일)

성경공부: 오후 12:30분 (목)

기도모임: 오전 7시 (토)

열방침례교회 가 주는 상징성은……

열방침례교회 는 생명과 휴식 그리고 미래를 상징합니다.

열방침례교회 는 하나님이 제공하시는 영원한 생명을 누리며 그 생명 속에서 진정한 휴식을 제공합니다.

그리고 그 생명과 휴식 속에서 미래를 꿈꾸고 실천하는 공동체입니다.

열방침례교회 가 꿈꾸는 사람은……

열방을 향하여 화평을 심는 자가 되는 것입니다.

열방 (All Nations) 은 사람입니다. 열방은 하나님이 사랑하시는 대상입니다.

하나님이 열방을 사랑하시기 때문에 독생자 예수님을 이 땅에 보내셨습니다.

예수님은 열방을 하나님과 화평케 하고 열방 속에서 화평을 심어주기 위하여 십자가에서 열방의 죄를 짊어지셨습니다.

예수께서 보여주신 화평케 하는 삶이 곧 열방침례교회에서 꿈꾸어야 할 삶입니다.

열방침례교회의 새벽이슬 같은 젊은이들이 “골방에서 열방 으로!” 적극적으로 들어가 열방을 화평케 할 것입니다.

열방침례교회 는 여러분을 초대합니다……

당신을 열방침례교회 로 초대합니다.

주님의 은혜와 사랑가운데서 당신과 영원토록 교제하고 사랑하고 싶습니다.

열방침례교회에서 영원한 생명을 발견하고 참된 휴식을 경험하십시오.

그리고 열방침례교회에서 하나님 나라를 위한 내일을 꿈꾸며 열방을 화평케 하는 자가 되시기를 소원합니다.

당신을 주님의 이름으로 축복합니다.

열방침례교회 담임목사 이대열 드림

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