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Dr. Al Reichman Ahavath Messiah Ministries Executive Director Dr. Reichman comes from a long line of orthodox rabbis. His paternal grandfather, an orthodox rabbi, immigrated to the United States from Austria. His first exposure to the Gospel was at the age of 8, when a friend invited him to attend a Vacation Bible School. After that summer, two of his sisters attended a youth camp sponsored by the same church and came home having accepted Jesus Christ to be their Savior. His parents had divorced by this time, opening the door for Dr. Reichman and his sisters to freely attend church. Despite his active attendance in church, it was not until he was a teenager that he finally came to accept Christ as his Savior. During the invitation in the morning service, Al realized that everything he had been taught about Jesus was exactly what his father had taught him about Messiah. This settled in his heart and he readily received Messiah. However, not without cost--his father mourned him as dead and never spoke to him again. The Lord laid a claim on Al's life a year later at youth camp and he surrendered his life to serve the Lord. Following high school, he traveled with a Christian musical drama group for two years. In 1975 he enrolled in Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. Upon graduating in 1979 with a BA in Theology, Al was ordained. He and his wife, Michele, embarked on a 17 year pastoral ministry and the continuation of his education. He earned his Master of Theology and Doctor of Theology degrees from Bethany Theological Seminary in Dothan, Alabama, graduating Suma Cum Laude in both programs. In 1984, Al began to develop a burden for the salvation of his own people. He has been used by the Lord in many churches desiring him to preach the need of taking the Gospel to the Jews, from whence it came. He led the churches he pastored to financially support Jewish Missions in a substantial way. Al has served as Missions Committee Chairman of the Central West Texas Baptist Bible Fellowship during his time in Texas, Chairman of the Illinois Baptist Bible Fellowship for four years, and Chairman of the Board of Directors for Freedom Flyer Ministries. He has pastored three Baptist churches in New Mexico, Texas and Illinois. Since 1997, the Lord has opened the door for Al and Michele to serve in Jewish ministry. In 2013 the Lord led Al to launch Ahavath Messiah Ministries (Love of Messiah Ministries), where he continues to labor to bring the Gospel to Jewish people, as well as encouraging and teaching churches to do the same.

Al travels to churches all across the country sharing his burden of taking the Gospel "to the Jew first, and also the Greek." He is a gifted speaker, who evidences the hand of God on his life and ministry. For more information on how your church can be blessed through his ministry, call 817 -263-9968 or email AhavathMessiahMinistries@aol.com.


DR. AL REICHMAN PROPHECY CONFERENCE MESSAGES~Shema Israel; Will the Anti-christ Be Jewish?; Israel’s Title Deed; Pre-Trib Rapture; Biblical Time Line; Jesus is Coming.

NONE OTHER NAME~Acts 4:12 Dr. Reichman’s personal testimony, including an urgent challenge to take the Gospel to God’s Chosen People.

ISRAEL’S TITLE DEED Details the expanse of land as promised by God in the Abrahamic Grant and confirmed to Joshua upon entering the land following the wilderness wandering. Shows how Israel has continued to suffer due to failure to drive out the inhabitants (Num. 33:55). Clearly brings an understanding of the source and continuation of the Middle East conflict.

THE SCAPEGOAT A message resulting from witnessing to three Jewish people. Responds to their objections to the Gospel and expresses God’s plan of atonement, the urgency and the decision which must be made by every soul, including the Jews.

HAVING AUTHORITY Emphasis on the authority Christ possessed. This authority, unlike anything the Scribes and Pharisees of Christ’s day had ever encountered, is authority only God Himself could possess. Reveals Christ as Creator God, Who came in the flesh, Who pardons sin, each being, that which belongs to God alone. Also reveals this God to be Israel’s Messiah.

THE PROPHET’S GAZE~Isaiah 6 A look at what Isaiah saw when he gazed into Heaven. God peeled the veil aside, giving Isaiah a glimpse of the Lord seated in all His Glory upon His Throne. Stresses the Holiness of our God.

SENSE THE URGENCY Explores the need for Jewish people to hear the Gospel, as well as the questions, has God rejected Israel?

THE BRAZEN SERPENT God foreshadowed His Son’s death upon the cross by His deliverance of the Israelites when they sinned in the wilderness.

YOM KIPPUR The Day of Atonement is explained delineating God’s requirements for satisfying the sin-debt. An excellent explanation to help you be able to witness to unbelieving Jewish people.

THE THREE MISSION FIELDS IT WAS A BOX A look at the Ark of the Covenant as the central focus in Israel’s worship. This is contrasted by the indwelling presence of Messiah, providing us open access to the Throne of God.

THE BIBLICAL TIME LINE Leviticus 23 details the Feasts of the Lord. Correlates the Feasts to historical events and those to take place in the future.

WILL THE ANTI-CHRIST BE JEWISH? Explores the Biblical description of the anti-Christ: his heritage; and his ability to influence the world.

THE FORGOTTEN MISSION FIELD Focuses on the three areas of the Great Commission and, while great effort is made in two areas, one has been sadly neglected. Being “witnesses unto Me in Jerusalem,” must become the focus of the church.

SIMCHA TORAH A message on the sacredness of the Scriptures Ahavath Messiah translated from Hebrew means Love of Messiah.

The purpose of Ahavath Messiah Ministries is to take the Love of Messiah to Jewish people so that they may come to faith in the Messiah of Israel. Dr. Al Reichman comes from a long line of orthodox rabbis. His paternal grandfather, an orthodox rabbi, immigrated to the United States from Austria. Dr. Reichman spent 17 years in pastoral ministry, and has been serving the Lord in Jewish ministry since 1997. In 2013, the Lord led Al to launch Ahavath Messiah Ministries, where he continues to labor to bring the Gospel to Jewish people, as well as encouraging and teaching churches to do the same. All are invited to hear Dr. Reichman preach and share his unique preaching style, where he connects the Old and New Testaments together causing you to see the New Testament live out of the roots of the Old Testament. To schedule Dr. Reichman to speak at your church, please call 817-263 -9968 or email AhavathMessiah@aol.com