Ornament Exchange

Every November to kick-off the holiday season, the Women of Webb (WOW) 
host a Ladies Holiday Party and Ornament Exchange.  Like the Spring luncheon it is potluck and includes a small program; however, the main event is the ornament exchange.  The attendees are asked to bring awrapped ornament with a value of no more than $10.00, these are placed on a table 'under the tree.'  We draw numbers to take turns choosing a package from the table, or snatching one that has already been unwrapped by a previous participant.  It is a fun time of sharing, laughing and just spending time with other women.

As with the Festival of Tables, this event is always open to all women- friends, family and community members that want to learn more about our women's group - we have attendees of all ages.  It is a wonderful time of fellowship and where we can relax, refresh and renew our spirits with other women.