Church Pictorial Directory

This for members only pictorial church directory is under construction. If you would like to review what we have finished so far, please click the link at the bottom of this page.

The directory information is secure because your personal email address has been entered into the database by one of our administrators. Any unauthorized parties would need to know both your personal email address and your password to gain access. Please do not  share your password with anyone. After you click the link the first time, you will need to enter the email address that is on file in the database. Then you will create and enter your personal password.

If you have any questions or see any incomplete or inaccurate information, please contact Pat Rutland, Glennie Thom or Gary Gerber whose contact information is in the directory. If your picture is missing, please see Pat Rutland for a time she can take a quick photo.


 Click Here for Directory Login